South Preschool Newsletter December


December News


Welcome to December everyone!

This month in our classroom we will be enjoying lots of holiday themed activities and exploring holiday traditions from around the globe as well as around the classroom. December always brings us a fantastic opportunity to create something special for our family as well and we will be spending a lot of time this month on our gifts and cards to take home. We will focus on our family this month building our family trees, talking about who is a part of our family, and how families help each other!

Looking forward to another awesome month!

Dates to remember...

Friday December 8th: Tiny Tots!

Friday December 15th: Holiday sing-a-long 9:30am

Friday December 22nd-Monday January 1st: PFM closed for holiday break (back to school Tuesday January 2nd)

             This month in South Class we will be discussing families and holiday traditions!

            This month in South Class we will be discussing families and holiday traditions!



On our shelves this month...

Lots of holiday themed practical life activities including mirror polishing, ornament making, putting on/taking off gloves and mittens, iceberg sensory activities, and orange pomander making.

On the unit shelf: families! Making books about our family, family three part cards, and building our family trees.

In sensorial: the smelling jars, color box 2, and the sound cylinders.

Geography/cultural: Animal coverings, iceberg identification and the Antarctica geography folder.

The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.

— Maria Montessori


This month we will have Nadia transitioning from the toddler classroom!

Welcome Nadia!

birthdays this month

Toren will be turing 3 on December 18th

Happy birthday Toren!

Sounds this month

Our sounds have been placed in order of the AMS sound groups: the easiest to write and pronounce to the hardest...

December 4th-8th: Ll

December 11th-15th: Bb

December 18th-21st: Oo


Happy Holidays!