Our Approach

Our infant, toddler and Preschool classrooms are deeply influenced by the Montessori philosophy.  A Montessori classroom is an environment in which children have the freedom to choose their work and set their own pace within an engaging, well organized, sequenced curriculum.  Our classrooms have all the materials necessary for ongoing learning at every stage.

Our toddler and preschool classrooms are led by trained Montessori teachers. The Montessori classroom includes activities for the areas of language development, math, science, geography, art, sensorial materials and practical life or daily living skills. Each area of curriculum is organized from the concrete and simple to more complex attributes. Materials and activities are aesthetically pleasing, generally made with natural materials and very hands on -- providing children with the opportunity to learn sensorially as well as cognitively. Within this organized and creative environment, children are guided to become independent and self-disciplined and to experience the joy of learning and discovery.

In our infant program the staff follows the philosophy of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), as developed by Magda Gerber. The core of RIE is the belief that parents and caregivers respect an infant’s ability to initiate their own learning and be given the freedom to safely explore their world with as few limitations or confinements as possible.

The RIE philosophy is based on a few simple principles:

  1. Infants have time for uninterrupted play, freedom to explore their environment and to interact with other infants. 
  2. They are active participants in all of aspects of their own care.
  3. Caregivers use observation to set appropriate limits and expectations to support their understanding of each individual infant.
  4. The infant environment is physically safe, emotionally nurturing and cognitively challenging. 

Our Facility

Pacific First Montessori is located on the third floor of the City Centre building in downtown Seattle.  We are lucky to have such a large, bright and airy space located in the downtown core.  We also have a lovely, large outdoor playground that is three floors up and away from the foot and car traffic of downtown.  On our playground we have an urban garden that our chef utilizes as much as possible in our daily, homemade meals and snacks, see our menu.

Our facility consists of an infant room for eight babies, a toddler room for twelve toddlers, and 2 preschool classes for twenty preschoolers in each classroom.  We are licensed for a total of 62 children.