Afternoon Preschool Newsletter December


December News


Happy Winter Families!

Throughout November we continued to work on our collage portraits. We finished adding our facial features as well as attached the silhouettes to our own individual canvases. As this is an extensive project, this month we will continue to work on our collage self-portraits! We will add yarn, fabric, and buttons to aid in expressing personality.

We have tailored our afternoon art program to fit the needs of the students. This will allow 3-4 children to work on their project at a time. Ms. Katie will be leading the projects for both classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4-5pm in north preschool. As always, if you pick up your child during this time, please feel free to stop by and check on our progress---you might even get to see your little one in action!

Important dates this month

December 15th Holiday Sing-along 9:30am

December 22nd-January 1st Winter Break; PFM Closed


Happy Holidays!

-Afternoon PFM teachers