Reducing Your Child's Anxiety During Drop Off

Beginning a new school year can lead to excitement and anxiousness in both parents and children.  As teachers and support staff, we understand this and want to help ease this burden for both you and your child.  If your child cries at drop off, please know that this is completely normal and we will do all we can to help them feel safe and secure as they ease into their day.  If you would like a call or email from your child’s teacher to let you know your child has calmed down, please let the teacher know and we are happy to do this for you!  There is a good article on the website that gives great advice on how to create a simple and supportive drop off routine for your child.  We highly encourage all parents to visit the link provided to this article to learn more about what separation anxiety is and the things you can do as parents to help your child through this.

Head of School Newsletter: September

Hello Pacific First Montessori families,

As Director and Owner of Pacific First Montessori, I am happy to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year!  We are all excited to have our students back in the classrooms filling them with energy and excitement for learning.  The teachers have been working hard during our in-service days organizing, cleaning, attending meetings and setting up their classrooms – we think your children will be very impressed by what they see! 

I am happy to tell you about a few promotions that have taken place recently:  Keja Taylor is now our Assistant Director, Sarah Harper is our Montessori mentor for teachers (in addition to her South preschool lead teaching role), Katie Wright is our afternoon preschool art specialist, Starlina McKinny is the toddler afternoon art and movement coordinator, and Teresa Fomich is the infant afternoon art and movement coordinator/infant lead assistant.

We have a strong team of experienced, motivated and nurturing staff here at PFM and I am so thankful to all of them for their hard work in getting our new school year off to a great start!  We value our relationships with the families and the children here at PFM and are so happy that you choose to partner with us in your child’s early learning and development.  These truly are magical years for your children and we are happy to help them become life-long learners.

I can’t wait to greet you and your children on the first day of school and the many days after. 

Teddi Blades

2017 September Important Dates

Emergency Plan

If there is a fire on the 3rd floor (our floor) or one floor below us, the fire alarm will sound and we will exit our suite.  First, we line up in our classroom, teachers check bathrooms, and all areas of the classroom, then we walk into the hallway outside of our school (by the men’s restroom and Palomino) and take roll.  This is why it is absolutely necessary that parents sign their children in and out each day. Next, we immediately go down the stairs (which are pressurized)

Welcome to the new PFM Parent Portal

Welcome to the new PFM Parent Portal

Parent Education

The Parent Education section will provide parents with interesting articles that we, as a school would like to share with you as a means of parent education and support.  Often, these will come from the health department or the University of Washington Early Childhood and Families Program. It is our goal to create a helpful and inclusive forum for PFM parents and teachers where we can support each other in this eventful time of early care. 

Important Documents

The Important Documents section will provide our Parent Handbook, our Emergency Disaster Plan, and other important documents that parents may need access to.


The Menu section will have each month's lunch menu posted online.