When your Toddler Hits you: A New Perspective

"Odd though it may seem, if you come down hard when your toddler hits, you are likely to nail his hitting behavior onto his daily routine."

Hitting--and other seemingly aggressive forms of behavior, such as pushing and kicking--is a common part of child development; it is particularly common during the toddler years when language skills are still developing. Hitting is an emotional reaction young children may experience. A toddler cannot say to their parent, teacher, or peer, "I am angry," or "I am upset, and this is why." Instead, they use their bodies to exude emotional reactions. 

The teachers and staff at PFM are patient and adept at handling typical toddler behavior, such as hitting. When a child is upset, we react quickly, in a calm and supportive manner. We encourage parents to react similarly, while seeking to understand why your child is upset and offer additional ways to express anger or frustration. 

In this article, you can learn more about what may cause a toddler--or young child--to hit and how best to handle difficult, yet typical toddler behavior.