Head of School Newsletter: July

June was a buuuuuusy month for all of us here at PFM! I was so focused on our Super Hero graduation ceremony that I even forgot to do a June Newsletter -- my apologies everyone. Time to get back on track for our summer session!

We had a wonderful graduation ceremony and appreciate all the support we felt on this special day (and every day). Graduation is a bittersweet time for teachers, kids and parents as we are all so happy for them to move on to kindergarten yet sad to see them go. We said goodbye to Henry, Eloise and Laila who began attending summer camps after graduation. We love them and will miss them dearly. The other graduates will remain at PFM for either part or all of the summer session so we will spend as much time with them as we can before they go! We loved having this special group of kids over the years and know they will make us proud in their future learning and endeavors.

We are happy to welcome Lyla Seidenstein and Michael Sullivan to the infant room this month! Wiley Lippitt and Joey Njeim have transitioned to the toddler room and are doing very well! We also welcomed two new children to the toddler class in June -- Jack Bell and Zoe Cordeau. They have settled in and made many new toddler friends already! Melat Goytom and Vera Harmer are big preschoolers now and have settled nicely into their new classrooms. Effie will be joining North preschool this month and a new friend, Aira Gupta, joined South preschool this week. The children have welcomed all of their new friends with such love.   

We began summer session with a pajama day, and on Friday we will celebrate with an ice cream party! There are a lot of fun summer field trips and events coming up this month so be sure to check the summer field trip schedule posted in lobby for details (preschool). We plan to spend as  much time outdoors as we can this summer!

Have a wonderful month everyone!


Teddi Blades

Director & Owner, PFM