Emergency Plan

Pacific First Montessori Fire Alarm/Evacuation Plan

If there is a fire on the 3rd floor (our floor) or one floor below us, the fire alarm will sound and we will exit our suite.  First, we line up in our classroom, teachers check bathrooms, and all areas of the classroom, then we walk into the hallway outside of our school (by the men’s restroom and Palomino) and take roll.  This is why it is absolutely necessary that parents sign their children in and out each day. Next, we immediately go down the stairs (which are pressurized) and exit the building.  We line up outside against the building at 6th and Union.  Security will meet us outside and tell us when it is safe to re-enter the building.

If for some reason, the hallway we evacuate to is unsafe, we will walk to Group Health and exit down their carpeted stairs and out onto the street at 6th and Union.

If 6th and Union is deemed to be too risky of a location for us to gather (if there is fire or smoke nearby), we will walk to the outdoor area by the waterfalls at Two Union Square. 

If we assess the situation and find that we need to evacuate further, we will walk to Freeway Park.

***we also will use the evacuation plan above for a bomb threat or any other event that forces evacuation.

If you need to reach us during an emergency:

Teddi Blades cell phone: 206-295-9679

Out of State contact:  (during certain emergencies sometimes you cannot call within the state and will need to call our out of state contact to get information)

Lynne Haggard cell phone: 310-977-0771
Lynee Haggard home phone: 310-545-4623

Pacific First Montessori Earthquake Plan:

In the event of an earthquake, we stay inside the school.  We go under a table or under a shelf and cover our heads and stay this way until a teacher tells us it is safe. 

In the Infant Room, we move the babies away from the walls that have cupboards and we all move to an inner wall, away from the window and cupboards.  We tuck ourselves over the babies to keep them safe and cover our heads. 

In the Toddler Room, we gather the toddlers and go into the house area in the toddler room.  This area is by an inner wall and it is safe from falling objects.  We tuck our heads (we practice “tuck like a turtle”) and keep them covered.  We stay this way until the teacher tells us it is safe.

In North Preschool, the children and teachers go under tables, kneel, and cover their heads with their arms (we practice “tuck like a turtle”).  We stay in this safe position until our teacher tells us it is safe.  The inner wall of North Preschool is also a safe area as is the hallway by the kitchen where North Pre cubbies are.  We stay away from windows.

In South Preschool, the children and teachers go under tables, kneel, and cover their heads with their arms (we practice “tuck like a turtle”).  We stay in this safe position until our teacher tells us it is safe.  We stay away from windows. 

If children are on the playground, we all go underneath the big toy and “tuck like a turtle” until the teachers on the playground tell us it is safe. 

If children are on a walk, we go into the nearest business and quickly move toward an inner wall away from any windows and we stay together and cover our heads.

***Note – we have emergency supplies located in the lobby, office, staff room, each classroom and on the playground.  We also are lucky to be next to Group Health and a restaurant (Palomino) which is stocked with additional food and supplies.  On walks and on field trips we take our emergency backpacks.

Pacific First Montessori Procedure for Lockdown

In the event of a lockdown at our school, we all gather together and stay in our suite.  We do not leave the school unless told to do so by security and with the assistance of security.

If the building is in lockdown and security will not let you in to pick up your child, you will need to give security at the door (the entrance on 5th Avenue in between Pike and Union) your name, your child’s name, and the name of our school.  They will radio to us and we will have a staff member walk your child down to meet you.