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Hello April Families!

Hello April Families!


Welcome April!


April will be all about flowers this month as we see all the beautiful blooms around us. We will look at the parts of a flower, the flower life cycle, flower species and do lots of flower arranging to make our classroom look extra beautiful. We will be saving our old flowers to put into the flower press and use for all kinds of beautiful artwork this month.

We will also be learning about colors this month! We will explore primary, secondary, and tertiary colors along with the color wheel, color mixing, and color box 3 (tints and shades of color).

On the geography shelf we will look at the layers of the earth and discuss ways we take care of the earth as Earth Day approaches.


Happy spring,



Can you name the parts of a flower?

Can you name the parts of a flower?



dates to remember...


Friday April 20th: Tiny Tots


Week of April 16th-20th: South Class parent/teacher conferences (see sign-up in lobby)



In the ‘bosom of nature’ to heal and reflect, with fundamental experiences of how humans have organized themselves and constructed civilizations out of nature’s bounty, and with sensorial training in perceiving the subtle interdependenceies of nature and humans: children must learn to engage in the dialogue between the living organism that is the planet and its most interactive creatures- themselves.
— Laurie Ewert-Krocker

binging the classroom home this month...

• Look for rainbows this month on those rainy/sunny days Seattle always brings us in the spring- if you find one, try to name all the colors you see!

• Arrange some flowers at home: have your child trim the stems, fill the vases, and place the flowers together to make a beautiful arrangement! When they’ve wilted, press between the pages of a large book.

• Find a flower outside to dissect: use some tweezers and a magnifying glass if you have one to inspect the parts of the flower. Take them out, look at them up close, you can even tape them to a piece of paper and label them!

• Mix up some colors: use food coloring and water, paint or different colors of playdough to mix. Start with the primary colors and see what new color you end up with!

• Celebrate the earth: with Earth Day coming up, what better time to take a moment to thank the earth for all it gives us. Talk about and practice recycling and composting at home. Discuss all the special things the earth gives us and ways we can give back to/take care of her.

sounds this month...

Our sounds have been put in order by the AMS sound groups- the easiest to pronounce and write to the hardest:

April 2nd-6th: Zz

April 9th-13th: Ss

April 16th-20th: Mm

April 23rd-27th: Aa

ways to help

We would LOVE fresh flowers for the classroom this month to help us learn the parts, learn how to arrange them, and press them for artwork.

Please feel free to bring us your fruit and veggie scraps for the bunnies!


birthdays this month...

Caption for image.

Caption for image.

  • Rose will celebrate her 4th birthday on the 9th
  • Laila will be 5 on the 18th
  • Olivia will turn 3 on April 25th
  • Lincoln and Amelia will turn 5 on the 27th
  • Jane will be 3 on April 28th

Happy Birthday friends!!!


Happy Spring!