Afternoon Preschool Newsletter November


Last month in art...


Last month we learned about our emotions by starting a two-part project on self-reflection.


For the first project we used mixed-media, incorporating crayon and glue for drawing materials. We then listened to the Amelie soundtrack while painting on top of those drawings with watercolors. This soundtrack was perfect for our project as it’s quite whimsical and filled with a multitude of instruments and sounds. Teachers asked the kids how they felt while painting and listening to the music. We then took a photo of each child expressing that emotion to attach on top of their piece.

This month in art...



We have started the second part of this project and it will continue through the month of November! The second part will be a self-portrait collage. Each child received their own canvas to paint, and will recreate their photo (from project one) using magazine cut-outs, yarn, fabric, and other accessories.


We are very excited about these projects and would love for you to see part of the process! We will be working on these pieces each day from 4-5pm, so if you’re picking up your child around this time, please stop by and check out our progress!  



Happy Fall!