Toddler Newsletter November


Welcome November Toddler Families!

As the leaves change and the weather shifts, we will be taking a closer look at nature. In the toddler room we’ll be exploring different textures in nature and talking about what kinds of animals live in the parks we’ll be visiting!


To prepare for Thanksgiving, we will be practicing and refining our mealtime skills, including passing bowls gently and sharing foods we slice! For Thanksgiving brunch we will all be preparing (egg-free!) sugar cookies. 



If we establish a primary principle, it would be to consistently allow the child’s participation in our lives.
— Maria Montessori

Happy November everyone!

This month's curriculum...

Week 1 : 1 to 1 correspondence with Acorns

Week 2 : Smelling Jars

Week 3 : Frozen Flowers & Leaves Sensory Play

Week 4 : Mortar & Pestle Leaf Work


Happy Fall!