Infant Newsletter

Happy May!

Happy May!

This month we work on our practical

life skills. We have several spring

themed practical life materials out on

the shelves, including spring hats and

jackets which has led to great

interactions as the babies work on

imaginary play.



Weekly Focus:

Week 1
Fine Motor- ring pegs

Week 2
Practical Life– pitcher and cup

Week 3
Sensory- fabric and textures

Week 4
Cognitive- puzzles

Week 5
Self Help- zippers



We focus on the
involvement of
the child in all care activities
to allow the child to become an
active participant rather than a
passive recipient
— RIE principal

Happy 1st Birthdays to Daphne on the 3rd and Nathaniel on the 25th!

Important dates

May 1st: Teacher in-service day, PFM closed

May 10th: Mother's Day brunch 7:30-9am

May 28th: Memorial Day, PFM closed