South Class Newsletter

Happy May!

Happy May!

Important dates this month...

May 1st PFM will be closed for In-Service

May 11th 7:30-9am Mother's Day Brunch

May 28th PFM will be closed in observance of Memorial Day


Happy May!


This month we will learn about animals! More specifically, about pets. We will talk about the pets we take care of at our house, the pets we take care of at school, and their attributes like animal class, animal coverings, and animal locomotion!


In the geography area of the classroom, we will explore landforms! We will sort pictures of islands, lakes, capes, bays, gulfs and peninsulas! We will make our own landform shapes using rocks and water as well.


What a fun month ahead!




A child more than anyone else is a spontaneous observer of nature.
— Maria Montessori

Ways to bring the classroom home in May...

• Have your child help take care of the pets in your home! They can fill water dishes, scoop food, brush pets, feed fish, and help clean pet messes. If you don’t have any pets they can help take care of the plants in your home by watering them and polishing their leaves with water and a cotton ball!

• Learn about animals at home! Sort some toys or stuffed animals at home into categories like animals that fly/swim/walk, or by class (reptile/amphibian/mammal/fish/arthropod/bird), or by animals with feathers/fur/skin/scales!

• Make your own landforms at home! Use a baking pan with playdough, clay, sand, rocks, or soil to explore the different types of landforms you can make, and then pour in some water!

• Go on a nature walk! Walk to the park or around the block and see how many animals you can find. Make a list as you go and then talk about their attributes (skin covering, how they move about, where the live, etc).

Sounds this month...

Our sounds have been put in order by the AMS sound groups- the easiest to pronounce and write to the hardest.

May 1st-4th: Tt

May 7th-11th: Ff

May 14th-18th: Ll

May 21st-25th: Bb

May 28th-June 1st: Oo


Birthdays this month


Sienna is turing 4 this month on May 14th!