How to Help Your Child and Their Teacher(s)

Teachers and I recently discussed a concerning development in children’s behavior that we have noticed at school.  We are hoping that by asking for parent help, this will guide the children back in the right direction of better listening, following directions, and an overall greater showing of respect for their teachers and our school.  We firmly believe that a strong partnership between families and school is how we can solve this issue.

Helpful topics to discuss with your child on the way to school:

  • Sit at circle quietly and avoid being silly with friends

  • Raise hand for help

  • Walk in the classroom (running is reserved for outside time)

  • Follow directions the first time you are asked to do something (2.5- to 3.5-year-olds are just beginning to understand this, but it is expected of 4- and 5-year-olds)

  • Keep hands to own body –- no hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.

  • Talk nicely --  no “potty” talk at school

  • Use quiet “indoor voice”

Please speak to your children about how important teachers are and that they should be treated nicely all day because their job is very hard. This will help encourage empathy and compassion for teachers.

Another important thing to teach them is that our school is a special place and when they enter the double doors to the lobby they should be on their best behavior: avoid letting them stand on furniture, run into the school, yell in the lobby, get wild with other kids at pick up or drop-off time.  Of course, it takes more than just “telling” them what the rules are – you have to teach them and practice with them for a long time until they begin doing these things by themselves.  

If you notice your child being out of control with another child, a good idea may be to refrain from entering the lobby with the other child and take a lap around the top floor before entering the school.  We all know how hard it is to stop this behavior when it is happening, so if we try to take proactive measures like this, it will help!

We appreciate you all very much and you are such an important force in your children’s lives. Our teachers will be very grateful with your help on these things!