How to Teach Your Child to Take Turns

Learning patience is a critical life skill--one that is often overlooked in early childhood. However, even young children can be taught to practice patience (such as sharing, taking turns, waiting in line, etc.). Children are not born knowing how to do this. Rather, they rely on adults and older children to teach them this important life skill.

This article provides insight on how to communicate and demonstrate patience to your child. For example, say to your child, "I see you're waiting your turn to go down the slide." While it may sound intuitive, verbalizing this provides support to the child and celebrates their positive behavior.

At PFM, we encourage the students to wait their turn before going outside, using a work, talking at circle, and while waiting for meals. We discuss "taking turns" and practicing patience throughout the school day. If you have questions as to how you can support this behavior at home, please reach out to your child's teacher!