Head of School Newsletter: April 2018

What a great community we have here at PFM!  We are so thankful for the generous support you all gave during our March fundraising efforts.  We are on our way toward creating a great playground for the kids and we couldn’t have done this without you.

We hope you had fun at the preschool “bring your parent to school days.”  The children were so excited to show you the work they love to do in their classroom.  I am sure it was a special time for both you and your child.  

We are happy to announce that Alex’s sister, Isabella has begun in our infant room!  Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to two children from North preschool in April. Aidan Deng will have his last day on April 13 as he and his family are moving to Vancouver B.C.  Also, Claudia Bohlman’s last day will be on April 19th. Claudia and family are moving to Bainbridge Island.  Both families and children will be missed bunches! We see some great pen pal opportunities in our near future.

Preschool conferences will begin in mid to late April. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your child’s teacher to learn more about the progress they are making at school and ask teacher’s questions you may have regarding your child.  

Have a wonderful month everyone!

Teddi Blades

Director & Owner, PFM