Head of School Newsletter: December

In December, we have many festive outings planned for the children.  We will attend our first Tiny Tots show of the year at Benaroya Hall and walk to see the gingerbread houses (in our building this year!), the carousel, and the winter train at Macy’s.  We are also very excited for preschoolers to sing special holiday songs to parents on December 15th.

We welcomed a new friend, Jackson Talbert to our toddler room in mid-November and in December Anna joins the toddler room as well. Jane and Nadia have transitioned from our toddler room to South Preschool.

Our lovely Mimi has begun her maternity leave and will be gone until mid-February.  While Mimi is on maternity leave, Erika Arechiga will be trained to fill in as the preschool assistant in North class. Starlina will move from afternoon toddlers to afternoon preschool to fill Erika’s role.  You will also notice Brenda from the infant room helping in afternoon preschool as well.   I am so proud of how everyone has selflessly pitched in to sub as needed during this time of change.  We have a great team!

The parent education piece this month is about grace and courtesy.  Be sure to read the article under the Parent Education tab to learn more about how to implement these ideas into your home environment.  The kids love learning and practicing these social skills at school and I am sure it will be fun for them to practice at home, too.

I hope you have a wonderful month filled with family and fun!

Teddi Blades

Director & Owner, PFM