South Class Newsletter March

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Dates to remember this month:

• Saturday March 10th: PFM Auction at the WAC!

• Monday and Tuesday March 20th/21st: Bring your parent to school days!



Hello March!

This month we will learn about the bean seed and plant. With lots of opportunities for scientific discovery, we will be dissecting, sprouting and sorting all different types of seeds in the classroom.


We will also welcome spring this month by bringing some tree branches with buds on them into the classroom and this will inspire some still life drawing and painting in our art area, and sorting some spring pictures and flower bulbs.


In the math area we will be introduced to coins! We will learn about the value of each coin type and the different quantities that are equal to each other.


In practical life we will be exploring magnets! An initial sorting of magnetic versus non-magnetic will give us a great base for lots of magnetic sorting opportunities.


What a fun month we have ahead!



This is the secret: We must walk with the child, not the child with us. This is the practical help we can give to this very important period.
— -Maria Montessori

Sounds this month:

Our sounds have been put in order by the AMS sound groups- the easiest to pronounce and write to the hardest. We will reach the end of our sound groups this month so we will start right back at the beginning with Ss.

March 5th-9th: Xx

March 12th-16th: Vv

March 19th-23rd: Qq

March 26th-30th: Yy

Bringing the classroom home this month…

• Gardening: Hopefully the weather this month will permit some gardening time at your house, but if not sprout some seeds in cups to plant outside later!

• Magnets: Do your own tests this month at home with things around the house- pick up a magnet and gather your items then test each one to see if it is magnetic or non-magnetic.

• Spring: Pick some spring branches from around your neighborhood and examine their attributes. Talk about the tiny buds and/or flowers you see. Make a sketch of the branches or even paint them!

• Polish some coins: Gather your rustiest pennies and other coins and polish them using lemon juice or vinegar and some table salt. Place one coin at a time in a small dish and add the vinegar/lemon juice then a dash of salt and scrub with a q-tip.

• Roll some coins: Have your child help you sort through your coin jar. Sort the coins and then count and roll them up to take to the bank!


Birthdays and transitions this month...


  • We will welcome James Volk from the toddler classroom this month


  • Addi will celebrate his birthday this month on March 12th

Bring your parents to school day

This month we are offering an opportunity for you to come into the classroom and see some of your child’s favorite works. They are always so full of pride showing you their school environment and the care they take in their work and this will be a wonderful opportunity to see what the day is like. I will be putting out a sign-up sheet with different time slots throughout the day and you can choose a time that is convenient for you.