January Afternoon Preschool Newsletter


Hello January~

Hello afternoon preschool parents!

During the early part of the month, the preschool students will enjoy learning about winter forest animals, including bears, foxes, and owls. They’ll visit a bear cave and enjoy reading books under the “night sky.” The students will also take a trip to the arctic to play on the ice and in the chilly water alongside seals, polar bears, and narwals. They’ll be surrounded by igloos and mounds of snow. We’ll have them dressed for the occasion, don’t worry!

After learning about the winter wonderland, the preschoolers will return to the city to resume their “jobs” as doctors and construction workers. It’s sure to be a fun, busy month!

Afternoon Preschool Updates:

If you'd like to see our afternoon preschool program in action, we invite you to visit our space anytime between 4:00-5:00pm!