August Infant Newsletter


Hello August, and happy summer~

During the first week of August, the infants will work with sensory bottles. The bottles provide an opportunity for the infant to grasp and stack, while also learning the principle of cause and effect. There will be a lesson on stacking towers by working with a put-and-take shape set. Baby dolls are always a favorite in the infant classroom, and dolls will be available throughout the month for the infants to work with. They enjoy feeding, nurturing, and putting the dolls to sleep on blankets in the classroom. In the afternoons, we will play games, sing, and read books. We will also complete several art projects while enjoying time outside!

Learn to move, move to learn:
Babies need to move freely in a safe
place. When babies are allowed to move
and explore on their own, they learn about
their environment and abilities. Babies
develop confidence and problem-solving
skills as they move, explore, and relate to
their environment.
— RIE Principal

Dates to remember:

August 30-31: PFM closed for teacher in-service

Weekly Focus:

August 1-3: Sensory (colorful shake bottles)

August 6-10: Gross motor (manipulating pillows)

August 13-17: Fine motor (stacking cups)

August 20-24: Cognitive (put-and-take house with shapes)

August 27-29: Social/emotional (baby dolls)