July Infant Newsletter

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

Hello July!


Happy JULY Families!

Happy Summer Families! This summer we will be playing outdoors as much as possible on the small side of the playground. We will be focusing on developing our gross motor both outdoors and indoors through using climbers and tunnels. We also have push cart work that we will bring out in the afternoons to help babies practice moving!

On hot days please bring your child to school in sunscreen! Thank-you!

Learn to move, move to learn:
Babies need to move freely in a safe
place. When babies are allowed to move
and explore on their own, they learn about
their environment and abilities. Babies
develop confidence and problem-solving
skills as they move, explore, and relate to
their environment.
— RIE Principal

Dates to remember:

June 29th - July 6th:

Summer Break; PFM Closed

Weekly Focus:

July 9 th-13th {Physical} – small & large motor, example: Climber

July 16th-20th {Social/emotional} exapmle: Baby dolls

July 23rd-31st {Language} exapmle: Books


Happy Summer!