August North Class Newsletter


Hello August, and happy summer~


This month, North Preschool will be a bunch of happy campers (literally)! We will have a camping unit in the classroom. On our practical life shelf there will be carabiner fastening, camp dish cleaning, and a water filtering work.

At circle, we will sing songs about camping and the outdoors. We will talk about ways to keep ourselves safe when camping and the importance of leaving a clean campsite. During circle will also be a fun time to pretend there is a campfire and tell some stories!

Because we are reaching the end of the summer and preparing for a new school year, we will be doing a lot of cleaning! We will devote one day to dusting the shelves, another to cleaning chairs, etc. August is always a fun month to sneak in the last bits of summer!

Sounds of the week:

August 1-3: Pp / August 6-10: Tt / August 13- 17: Ll

August 20-24: Cc / August 27-31: Ww

Dates to remember:

  • August 2: the Reptile Man visits PFM at 10:00am
  • August 9: Field trip to Seattle Center (via Monorail) at 10:00am
  • August 16: Field trip to Volunteer Park (via bus) at 10:00am
  • August 23: the Bubbleman visits PFM (time TBD)
  • August 30-31: PFM closed for teacher in-service

Birthdays this month:

August 1, Aurora turns 4

August 18, Cade turns 5

August 31, Maya turns 5

Happy birthday, friends!