Afternoon Preschool Newsletter

Happy February Families!

Happy February Families!

Happy month of love everyone!



hi pfm families!

Throughout January we continued to work on our collage portraits and alas! We have reached the end of our project! Be on the lookout for auction information in the future as this is where/when they will be unveiled! We hope to see you there J


You might have also noticed our cardboard trees in the afternoon program, set beside our hot cocoa stand and icy blocks. Our little friends had so much fun working in our D.I.Y. dramatic play scene


This month we will be creating valentines and working on several projects to be displayed at our auction in March. Textured scrolls, wooden sculptures, and concentric circles, oh my!  As always, you’re more than welcome to check out our progress from 4-5pm at the art table in North Preschool!


                                     Thank you! See you soon!